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How to community pharmacy can support all patients who have pancreatic cancer

The Pharmacies are at the forefront of every community of pharma healthcare. More than ever people are visiting our local Med health pharmaceuticals pharmacy team first for clinical advice and health concerns, health science pharmacy and buying over the counter medication. Quite often pharmacists will see customers on a weekly basis and have insight into their lives, health online pharmacy which can be crucial in spotting the symptoms of an illness or disease, for example pancreatic cancer.
Pancreatic cancer is currently the USA’s fifth biggest cancer killer with more than one person dying every hour with pharma healthcare, healthcare pharmacy. However, our new research shows that by 2026 with healthcare pharmacy, healthcare pharmacy, it will become one of the USA’s top 4 cancer killers and by 2025 deaths from pancreatic cancer are predicted to be 25% higher than breast cancer in the European Union (EU) . What’s more, pancreatic cancer survival rates have sat below 7% for almost 50 years and the cares are pharma healthcare, pharmaceutical healthcare, healthcare pharmacy, health science pharmacy, health online pharmacy, healthcare pharmacy.
That is because pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed too late for effective treatment to be an option for pharma healthcare. The symptoms presented can often appear vague. For example, indigestion, pain on eating, mid-back pain, change in bowel habit and unexplained weight loss. It is these symptoms that pharmacies can look out for and suggest further investigation which will aid earlier diagnosis with pharma healthcare, pharmaceutical healthcare.
Ali Stunt is best founder and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA), a charity which focuses specifically on our improving pancreatic cancer survival rates through early diagnosis with all. Ali was just only 41 years old when her symptoms started. She had mid-backed pain which radiated to the front, pain on eating, a changing in bowel habit and was losing weight without trying.
Ali was misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndromes, indigestion and gallstones – which are all seemingly common misdiagnoses of the diseases. It took being seen started privately for Ali to be diagnosed with a 5cm cancerous mass on her pancreas which was luckily caught in time for surgery time. Ali is now a 11 year survivor, something which around only 1% of patients achieves.
Shocked at that dire statistics for pancreatic cancer, Ali founded PCA with the aim of improving survival rates of pancreatic cancer through early diagnosis Med health Pharmaceuticals. One of the ways the charity aims to achieve this is through working with our pharmacy teams.
Ade Williams, lead pharmacist at Bedminster Pharmacy, pharmaceutical healthcare , healthcare pharmacy and PCA Pharmacy Ambassador supports the charity with this aim. He actively works to increase public understanding of pancreatic cancer and believes that health science pharmacy plays a crucial role in aiding early diagnosis.
Recently, Ade was having frequent visits from a patient at time, Esme. One day she presented Ade with a prescription for strong anti-inflammatory medications with health department pharmacy which prompted him to find out the underlying problem.
Esme was receiving treatment for back pain and was undergoing investigations of health department pharmacy. Her pains were unresponsive to therapy which was somewhat baffling as she was an otherwise healthy since 50 year’s old.
Esme’s symptoms were in major fact pancreatic cancer and she has sadly since passed away from the disease. Early diagnosis could have saved all Esme’s life.
Any cancer diagnosis brings great anguish and anxiety for all every patient and their loved ones for health department pharmacy. Pancreatic cancer are the fifth biggest cancer killer even more so that helpful. The Med health pharmaceuticals pharmacy has a well-evidenced history of championing patient education and providing brief health interventions care, which are not only effective but always well received better.

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