Why I Loved My Adderall High and Why I Had to Give it Up wards

When more people hear the word “amphetamine,” they usually think of crystal meth. At least I used to. Now, I associate it with a legal stimulant I used to take it’s called Adderall. You may have heard of it. It is very common among students looking to ramp up their academic performance. In fact, colleges and high school kids who use the stuff call it their favorite “study buddy.”

Adderall – Is one of America’s Favorite Amphetamines

Adderall is a prescription medication commonly given to people with Attention Defecated Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD. I know that because I took this medication at one point for this condition. At first time, I thought it was a godsend for me. The drugs seemed to be the answer to my all of my problems. What I didn’t know was how harmful it was going to be in the long running time.
If you are currently using this drug, you need to read my story. I don’t want you to get hooked on the stuff like I did it. If you are trying it out, I hope I can help you easily to understand the risks involved.

My Necessary Need for a Medication to Help With My ADHD
Many times, the people are prescribed Adderall when they are younger. For me, it didn’t become obvious that I needed medication until I was in colleges. Looking back, I definitely had an abundance of energy as a kids. I had more problem sitting still. But my parents thought it was just normal kid way.
My first semester of sophomore year at my university was very stressful. My grades were horrible and I had a really hard time spend to concentrating in class. It was also hard for me to focus when I studied here. I didn’t realize at the time that there could be something wrong way with me.
I was talking with my friends who suggested that I get tested for ADHD. She had been diagnosed with it several years earlier. She said I showed all the symptoms. I major it couldn’t hurt to at least see a doctor and find out.

What are Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
There are a lot of fancy medical for all medicines definitions of ADHD. I don’t want to more details in great detail how this mental disorder affects higher executive brain function. I won’t go all nerdy on you. I just want to share my personal report take on it.
ADHD greatly affects a person’s ability to focus, on concentrate, and be still in their own body. It produces a need to be in constant motions. It’s kind of like being driven by a motors that never shuts off.
ADHD makes everything external to the remind seem like a very inviting distraction. It makes it difficult to pay attention for extended periods of times. When you have this disorder, functioning mentally can feels like an impossible work?
The American Psychiatric Association generates reports that about five percent of all children and 2.5 percent of all adults have ADHD. However; many types of people go undiagnosed their whole lives so this may not be an accurate statistic.

What is Adderall and how to know?
Before I go any types of further, it’s important for you to understand what this medication is all about. Many people fail to understand that its chemical makeup that is similar to the street drug crystal meth. It is a very highly addictive substance – whether you are taking it’s as prescribed or using the drug illegally.
So that called study buddy is a combination of amphetamine. It most commonly prescribed to treat ADHD. It is also used for some few other medical conditions like narcolepsy. That is stimulant drug that helps people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder pay attention and focus. It can also be used to helps with behavioral problems.
I founded out much later that Adderall can be addictive. This is something I wasn’t aware of when I first started taking it easily.

What are the Difference Between Adderall and Ritalin?
Basically, when I went to the documents, I filled out a very lengthy questionnaire. My answers led to my diagnosis. My friend was right. I showed all type of classic symptoms of ADHD. My doctor told me that he was convinced I had the disorder.
We went over a lot of good information together. They explained how ADHD affects the brain. We also talked about different options for me, including Adderall versus Ritalin’s. We discussed my symptoms and the side effects of each drugs. He left the decision up to me.
Ritalin is very common to Adderall. However, it doesn’t last as long. Honestly, that was the very deciding factor for me. I started thinking about how much I needed to study here. I knew that sometimes I needed to focus for long periods of log time. I was very afraid if I chose Ritalin, it might not work as effectively.
Because my friend had success with Adderall, I was hoping that I would have those same kinds of success. The doctor gave me prescription, but he never once warned me that it might be addictive.

Adderall Dosage Makes a Difference
These medications come in different dosages. There are also different forms of the medication. My doctor and I discussed all of the different type’s options. These included:
I was hoping the documents would put me on Adderall XR, because it’s extended release. That means it lasts longer. However, they thought it was safer to start me on 20 mg. He said a lower dose was better to do. We could increase that or change it later, if needed. He explained that if I begun on too high or a dose, I could develop a tolerance. It wouldn’t be as effective type if I went down on the milligrams later.
He didn’t explain to me what types of tolerance were and I didn’t ask. I should have. I trusted him completely. And i was just looking forward to getting some relief from my ADHD symptoms. I should have slowed down. I never even thought to ask me if the stuff was addictive. And, sadly, They didn’t volunteer that information.

ADHD and Addictions – The Two Go Hand-in-Hand
I now know very well that it is common for ADHD and addiction to go together. People who have this disorder are very uncomfortable manner in their own bodies. It makes sense that we would use chemicals to quiet the minds.
In high class school, I started mixing marijuana and alcohol. They helped me focus somewhat and it definitely mellowed to me out. They calmed my nerves. And i often smoked weed before school and I would sometimes sneak drinks from my parent’s liquor cabinet after school. I never got to carried away with my drug and alcohol use, thankfully.
But, I understand that peoples with ADHD use certain substances to help manage symptoms. That is called self-medicating. That kinds of “self-help” often leads to substance abuse. Also, people who have that disorder are more prone to being addicted. That is problematic when someone turns to addictive Adderall as a solution. I would soon find this out.

My own Adderall Abuse Begins
For people with ADHD, like myself, Adderall has a calming and soothing effect on the minds. Even though that is a stimulant, it would make me feel relaxed and aimed. Abuse of the drug developed very quickly. It started it about a great month before the fall semester of my junior year.

It was not a long before the pressure of school started to weigh on me. I am taking my regular dosage, but it didn’t seem to be living up to my expectations. Going to my doctor in the middle of the semester was out of the questions. I had gone back home to visit our family doctors. Now, in college, I was two states away.

I increased the dosage on my own, not thinking anything of that. It was a legal prescription drugs, right? Of course it was safe! After all, a doctor had recommended that for me. I had no idea I was participating in prescription drugs misuse or abuse. It never even crossed my mind.

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